About Us

 Hola Mi Gente! We are Gregory Diaz, aka Chef Grego and Nicole Quinones, two soulmates with a passion for cooking our cultural Puerto Rican dishes. In 2018 we decided to open a Facebook page teaching people how to cook our traditional Puerto Rican dishes. Why? Because we saw how many of our friends didn't know how to cook our cultural dishes since videos and recipes for them were mostly in Spanish which they had a hard time understanding it. That's how Chef Grego came up with the idea to make the videos in English and Spanish at the same time... or Spanglish! 
​Now, enough of our background (if you can call that a full background, ha!). Besides Chef Greg teaching how to cook online, we also do Private Chef Events, Food Truck and Restaurant Promotions, and New or Existing Restaurant Consulting.

So... You Know What Time It Is... Time to Taste and Shop!